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Island Getaway! (as published in The Mindanao Daily Mirror)


Try our Island Adventure trips and Enjoy a picnic at some of the Beautiful and Romantic Samal or Talicud Island resorts or beachfront locations. 


Whether it’s a romantic picnic for two, a celebration with family and friends or a day of adventuring tourist exploring the best that Samal Island has to offer. Davao Express Water Taxis can organise a day to remember at any of the island hopping trips that you choose and we know some amazing picnic spots that  some are only accessible by boats.


We can pick you up from Pearl Farm Marina or Sta. Ana Wharf by one of our water taxis.  We also pick up from dozens of locations around the gulf including ferry wharves, private jetties, marinas and public wharf*. We can even transfer passengers from vessels moored in the Gulf*. Our vessels can carry from 1up to12 passengers.


Trip Package A: We will take you around the island’s 118.5 kilometer coastline less the drag of waiting to get to the usual stops.


First stop is Vanishing Island, an Island that has never ceased to amaze its visitors with its powder-like white sand, and the fact that it literally vanishes during hightide makes it more exciting for first timers. They will then take you east to Canibad beach in Brgy. Aundanao. Laid back and easy, it’s one of the best places on earth to experience nature and community. Bring your cameras and you won’t be disappointed.


As you go around, there are more places to see and who knows, you might get lucky to see dolphins swimming with the boat once you reach the southernmost tip of the Island. Tap on the boat’s side to get these wonderful creatures more excited!


Cost: Whole day P16,000 / Half day P13,000




Trip Package B: We will take you around Talicud Island whose name is taken from the Visayan word “likod” which means “back”, as it is located at the back of mainland Samal.   


First stop is Coral Garden, a 150 hectare marine park located on the island’s western part. The clear blue waters makes it seem like one big aquarium filled with different species of fish and corals.


Next stop is the famous Babusanta beach. Well known among divers and backpackers, it is a perfect stop-over point to relax, unwind and get some time off the sun’s heat. Ask the boat captains to call the resort’s caretaker in advance and order fresh seafood from the nearby fishing villages.


After a well-deserved rest, Angel’s cove follows. Angels Cove is a popular snorkeling and diving site located at Talicud’s southwest side. Its calm and chilly waters, generally characterize this attractive dive site’s angelic nature. Just like Coral garden, it will really be regretful not to bring snorkels.


Last stop, is Isla Christina and Wishing Island. On the way, you would enjoy sightseeing: Isla Reta beach resort, Kaputian Beach Park, Hof Gorei and Pearl Farm.


Cost: Whole day P10,000 / Half day P7,000




Trip Package C: Angel’s Cove – Coral Garden – Dayang or Babusanta


Package Cost: Whole day P8,000 / Half day P6,000




Trip Package D: Babusanta-Angel’s Cove-Taklobo (Giant Clams) Sanctuary-Maxima


Marvel at the beauty of one of Talicud Island’s best white sand beaches, Babusanta. It boasts of its well preserved marine life and exquisite scenery. It's a perfect place for beach lovers to experience the best that nature can offer.  


Next stop, Angel’s Cove and Taklobo sanctuary. The cove is one of Talicud’s secret treasures. Go snorkeling, and find out why it is a favorite among divers,


Before heading back, get an adrenaline rush with the 20-meter tarpaulin slide that drops you directly to the sea, only at Maxima Aquafun. The package includes free entrance to the resort and a boodle-fight type meal good for 6 persons includes entrance fee to Maxima and Food (good for 6 persons).


Package Cost: PhP 10,000 (whole-day)


So what are you waiting for? Experience island-hopping like you’ve never done before. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing way to treat your family to a weekend or holiday get-away. We will take you there faster and safer, the Davao Express Water Taxi way.


For bookings and reservation drop us an email at admin@davaowatertaxi.com or call Ritchelle 0943.800.0745 or Jack 0906.447.9600 we would be glad to hear from you.


You can also visit our website at www.davaowatertaxi.com or like our Facebook page and check out our latest deals and promos.


*A call out fee is applicable (P100-P200)

*We can also customize our packages to suit your preferences:


A 20 minute ride by Water Taxi, Babusanta is one of the island's top destinations. Babu Santa boasts of its well preserved marine life and exquisite scenery. It's a perfect place for beach lovers to experience the best that nature can offer. 

Tips: Drop by Agdao Market and buy your choice of the freshest seafood and bring it with you. Locals will offer to cook them for you for only PhP100. 

Coral Garden

This 150-hectare Coral Garden and Marine Reservation Park is located in Talicud Island, Samal. Here you can see the richness of marine life. From different kinds of corals to different species of fish, this place is "heaven" for snorklers and Scuba divers alike. 20 minutes is all it takes for us to bring you there.

Angel's Cove

Also in Talicud Island, Angel's Cove is one the best dive spots in the country, down in the azure seas of Samal. 20 minutes by Water Taxi for a lifetime of memories.

Vanishing Island

Once the water recedes, a jewel emerges. This is what locals say about the fascinating islet. 15 minutes by DEWT, this site has never ceased to amaze its visitors with its pristine white sand and waters as clear as crystal. Need we say more? Book now!